Monday, November 28, 2022

Shocking death reasons of famous Vlogger Hina Daniyal Malik revealed

It has widely stated that death of Pakistani Vlogger Hina Daniyal Malik happened due to multiple mishaps and accidents. However her elder sister Hira Anis revealed the truth and shocking details in a video message on her untimely demise.

Hina Daniyal Malik suffered a cerebral stroke at home on June 8. Because of the phone call, she ran to her sister’s place and discovered that she had fallen asleep on the bed. Some sections of her body have paralysed, one of her hands quit working, her mouth was misaligned and she could not talk.

A private hospital in Newtown, where Hira Anis rushed her sister has visited by a number of physicians for a long time in the emergency department. Upon request, a scan has performed promptly. She claimed that there was no senior doctor in the hospital and she was right. However, a deposit of Rs 11 lakh has also required at the counter.

Because of usual conditions, it was impossible to deposit such a large sum of cash at the hospital. More than Rs 500,000 had organised by her. When he has requested to put it down as a deposit, the staff refused to allow him to do so.

Moreover, she has furious and tried to rush Hina Malik from one private hospital in Gulshan-e-Iqbal to another. However, it was too late by that point. On the morning of June 11, the death of Hina Daniyal Malik has happened and she buried in the cemetery of Sakhi Hassan.

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