Monday, November 28, 2022

Buckingham Palace inquiry report on Harry’s wife Meghan Markle will be leaked: Experts

There are some individuals who have dissatisfied with the choice made by the royal family to withhold the inquiry report about Meghan Markle. If the report has not made public in an official capacity, royal advisors believes that it will be made public in some other way.

According to sources, Buckingham Palace has allegedly shelved an inquiry report on allegations that Meghan Markle worked there. Queen Elizabeth was the one who footed the bill for the study carried out by a private company.

It stated that the decision to not release the report had taken in order to mend the split that had formed among the royal family. A senior royal biographer and critic has expressed her displeasure with the choice made by the Palace. She said, “Not publishing it will keep us all speculating and waiting for someone to leak it sooner or later.”

Recently, Meghan Markle had two separate encounters with the Queen. She had relocated out of the UK. The first time she had seen the queen was when she was travelling to the Netherlands for the Invictus Games.

After thereafter, she travelled to the United Kingdom with her husband, Prince Harry, and their two children. They have participated in the festivities commemorating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

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