Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Tom Cruise greet fans in South Korea during promotion of his movie Top Gun: Maverick

A box-office smash, Top Gun: Maverick kicked off the summer movie season with some classic ’80s flar. Tom Cruise arrived in South Korea for a promotional tour for the action sequel. Wheras, the actor, who will be 60 in two weeks has greeted by adoring fans.

To Tom’s bright smile and bicep flexing, he sported a tight polo shirt, jeans, and a pair of fashionable sunglasses. K-pop tradition dictated that he flashed her finger heart, which has met with cheers and shouts of delight. As he smiled and held his palm out like a heart, the actor also posed for photos with the excited crowd.

To promote his latest picture Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise landed in South Korea at the beginning of the week. His first trip to South Korea was in 1994 to promote Interview with the Vampire. Thereafter the actor has made a total of ten appearances on the Korean peninsula.

Some may unaware that Top Gun: Maverick, released 36 years after its renowned predecessor. It brings back a bevvy of old and new characters to the series. Tom Cruise’s return to his most famous role has likely garnered the most notice, Top Gun: Maverick has an incredible range of talent in every scene. There are a number of unknown names in the picture and Cruise’s notoriety serves as an excellent counterweight to them.

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