Thursday, December 8, 2022

Ranbir Kapoor has changed a lot after marriage with Alia Bhatt, says Neetu Kapoor

Bollywood actress Neetu Kapoor stated that Ranbir Kapoor has very changed after his marriage to Alia Bhatt. She is the Bollywood superstar’s mother and wife of late vateran actor Rishi Kapoor.

According to reports, Neetu Kapoor stated in a recent interview that we have noticed that Ranbir Kapoor has changed a lot. It happend after marrying Alia Bhatt. However, she is very happy as his wife keeps him very happy.

The actress has stated that she feels extremely fortunate to be a member of our family and to have Alia Bhatt as her daughter-in-law. She also feels very fortunate to have been married into our family.

Neetu continued by saying that she had always concerned about Ranbir’s lack of a spouse. However, she does not need to concern about this matter anymore. Now, life is going very well and her son is also quite happy with the positive developments.

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