Thursday, December 8, 2022

WhatsApp will soon hide you from specific people

WhatsApp will hide your profile image, last seen, and other information from specific people that have been in beta for a while. But it’s now available to all iPhone and Android users throughout the world. This is true for people in every country on Earth. Since the same time last year, WhatsApp has made a lot of progress in adding more privacy features.

People learn about the news through the official accounts on WhatsApp

On a variety of platforms belonging to social media. Until not too long ago, WhatsApp users could hide their activity from everyone, just their contacts, their contacts except for a small group of specific people, or no one at all. A few months ago, this feature is removed from the app. If you chose to keep your Status private, this is another option. With the addition of a new option. You will be able to hide information about yourself from certain people on your contact list. This includes your most recent look, your profile photo, and information about yourself.

You should know that, similar to how read receipts work. If you hide your own last seen, you won’t be able to see other users’ last seen anymore. This is something you should think about (blue ticks). On the other hand, the second one is good for discussions with more than one person.

On both iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android (Android phone and tablet). You can find the new privacy setting in the menu that you can open by clicking Settings > Account > Privacy.

Aside from that, the most recent version of WhatsApp has a feature that lets users mute the conversations of certain people in a group call. You can now send private messages to certain people during the conversation.

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