Friday, December 9, 2022

Kate Middleton made an adorable response to her fan’s comment

In a recent viral video, Kate Middleton made response to a compliment from a fan in an adorable way possible. To honour the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee festivities, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William visited Cardiff Castle. The family got to know some of their admirers while they were out and about.

“You’re going to be an excellent Princess of Wales,” said a woman who rushed out to the Duchess of Cambridge and hugged her. Kate Middleton has moved by her remarks and made an adorable response, “Oh, that’s very lovely” to show her appreciation.

Kate also pointed to her husband William and said, “I’m in excellent hands”. Following in her late mother-in-law Princess Diana’s footsteps, Kate will likely proclaimed Princess of Wales in the near future. In case you’re unaware, William’s father Charles will succeed his mother Queen Elizabeth II as King.

There is a lot riding on Kate’s future title and the country is placing its faith in her to one day ascend the throne as Queen. After coping well with the overwhelming strain of expectations, Kate Middleton has proven herself to be a devoted Duchess of Cambridge.

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