Friday, December 9, 2022

How to use the PugetBench software for Photoshop

PugetBench software a number of real-world exercises that your PC can do automatically to test how well it works in the Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop). Some of them, like the one for Premiere Pro, may take a little time to learn how to use. On the other hand, PugetBench for Photoshop is easy to use.

When it comes to Photoshop, PugetBench software checks how fast your computer can do things like refining masks, making gradients, and using filters to do things like reducing noise. Puget only needs one short plug-in to run the Photoshop test, which is different from some of its other benchmarks.

The M1-native version of Photoshop does not support this benchmark right now.

  • To start, open the Creative Cloud Desktop program and go to Stock and Marketplace > Plugins.
  • Type the name of PugetBench into the search bar to add it to Photoshop. Close Photoshop before installing the plug-in.
  • After installing the plug-in, open Photoshop to use it. Go to Window > Extensions > PugetBench in Photoshop to use it. In the window that pops up, you can enter your license code (if you have one) and make any other changes to your computer that you want.
  • Click the Run Benchmark button to start the benchmarking process.

From now on, PugetBench will take care of the rest. Don’t move the mouse while it’s running. A user of Photoshop chose the PugetBench for the Photoshop add-on. Here is where the food will be. A picture of PugetBench at work for Photoshop. The next picture shows how the program works.

Once the benchmark is done, PugetBench will show you the results. They will also be made public as part of the PugetBench database (unless you have a paid version). On this page, you can compare your PC’s speed to that of other PCs. Each system gets a total score as well as scores for both the GPU task and the filter task.

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