Friday, December 2, 2022

Pakistan has 113.89 million 3G/4G users

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority says that between the end of April 2022 and the end of May 2022. The number of 3G and 4G users in Pakistan went from 112.75 million to 113.89 million. Increase of 1.14 million (PTA).

At the end of April 2022, 192.75 million people in Pakistan had cell phone service. By the end of May 2022, that number had gone up by 0.25 million, to 193 million.

At the end of April, the teledensity for cellular mobile was 87.6%. By the end of May, it had risen to 87.67%. Overall teledensity went up from 88.74 percent at the end of April to 88.81 percent at the end of May.

The monthly Next Generation Mobile Service (NGMS)

Penetration went up from 51.24 percent in April 2022 to 51.73 percent in May 2022. By the end of May, Jazz’s total number of 3G users had dropped from 6.222 million to 6.068 million. Which was a drop of 0.154 million from the previous month. In May, there were 37.168 million Jazz 4G users, up from 36.567 million in April.

The number of 3G customers for Zong dropped from 3.357 million at the end of April to 3.272 million at the beginning of May. While the number of 4G users rose from 27.952 million to 28.317 million during the same time period.

Between April and May, the number of Telenor 4G customers went up from 21.216 million to 21.494 million. On the other hand, the number of Telenor 3G customers went down from 3.696 million to 3.613 million.

Lastly, the number of people who used Ufone 3G dropped from 3.673 million at the end of April to 3.576 million at the end of May. During the time period in question. The number of 3G and 4G users in Pakistan grew by 0.291 million, from 8.761 million at the end of April to 9.052 million in May. This is more than the 8.761 million people who used it last month.

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