Thursday, December 8, 2022

The Airdrop app makes the MacBook handy

When the iPhone X (AirDrop) app with a notch on the screen came out in 2017 there were a lot of backlashes on the MacBook. But most people have grown accustomed to it. But people feel more strongly about the cutout on the MacBook Pro.

Which only got its own notch the year before. At least until you find out how useful it could be thanks to a program that Ian Keen is making right now. He is trying to make the missing part of the screen into something that makes AirDropping files easier.

The developer demonstrates how the program illuminates the notch. When dragging files from an AirDrop session into a video that is now being shared on Twitter. Simply dragging and dropping files over the notch will display the nearby AirDrop devices that may use to share files. Unlike Apple’s official technique. Which typically requires opening a file and going to the Share menu within that file. This method only requires opening the file.

Use the Control-click method to choose the file. This method is a time-saving shortcut that takes you directly to the AirDrop portion of the Finder app. It simplifies the process of transferring files from one person to another.

The Keen Airdrop app is not yet available on MacBook. The creator has said that he is working on making a limited version of the app available on TestFlight in the next few days. Despite the fact that it circumvents the notches on MacBooks, it still does not work. He says it should also work on Macs that don’t have notches.

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