Friday, December 2, 2022

Prince Andrew attend Order of the Garter ceremony behind the closed doors

Prince Andrew has remained mostly hidden from view for the time being. A family choice has kept him from attending Order of the Garter ceremony in place of the rest of the Royals. However, he missed the Platinum Jubilee festivities due to a positive COVID test.

For the Order of the Garter ceremony and meal this afternoon, Andrew is in Windsor. However, he will not be part of the public procession or service. In addition, there was a demonstration outside Windsor Castle against Tony Blair’s knighthood. More than 1.5 million people signed a petition calling for the accolade to revoke.

Prince Andrew decided to resign down from his royal responsibilities in November of that year. He had previously worked as a royal and appeared frequently with the Queen. There has no recovery in Prince Andrew’s reputation since the civil sexual assault lawsuit has resolved.

When Tony Blair became prime minister, he damaged both the United Kingdom’s constitution and its very fabric. Numerous innocent civilians died as a result of his actions in numerous conflicts and he had personal responsibility for this. In and of itself, he should held responsible for war crimes.

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