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Your linked car may risk your privacy

Most owners worry about criminal intrusions, although large amounts of data are better and faster. A car can compromise privacy risk. We can’t get around like cars.

There are many connected-car apps for emergencies or owner luxuries like remote start or parking guidance. People, groups, and governments can watch what people do at home, at work, and when they travel.

Connected automobiles are intrusive


No? The connected car and all the data it collects could end up being the government’s best friend and the driver’s worst enemy. If you don’t have a tracking device in your automobile, state legislation is always changing. Texas families lost trans care a week after the governor’s decree, and you might arrest next week. Plans for privacy laws Legislation uncertain.


By 2021, 130 million cars around the world and 90% of cars in the U.S. will connect. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and entertainment apps for your phone are must-haves. They are usually in cars and do important jobs, but car owners rarely have control over them. Customers are impacted by telematics.

Undervaluing telemetry. Instagram used 720 megabytes per hour, while the 2018 Chevrolet Volt only used 25 megabytes. Volt lacked GPS. Researchers used an eBay navigation system to recreate the owner’s house, workplace, and gas station.

Students at MIT discovered that newer infotainment systems record GPS-off locations. Some Fords with Sync infotainment from the middle of the 2010s make GPS coordinates.


No data. Look at the gear change and ECU boot’s GPS coordinates. Both automakers and drivers can benefit from data that doesn’t get in the way. Telematics helps people stay out of traffic by keeping an eye on trends.

Some people do research on OEM telematics. BMW, Ford, Toyota, Stellantis, GM, and Bobcat are all partners with Otonomo. Amazon, Microsoft, BeMobile, Hella, and Continental use Otonomo’s automobile data.

Multibillion-dollar industry damages privacy. There are millions of places where a person can be found. The NYT changed the way location information was handled. Concerns about privacy risks are raised when connected cars can track, especially during commutes.


Telematics is in cars from Ford, Honda, Kia, and BMW. I asked about being able to opt-out and sharing data.

Connected automobiles are intrusive


Ford remained quiet. BMW late. Instructions for the owner and for privacy cover telematics. “Times to start and end” Even if drivers don’t use HondaLink, this information is still collected and shared, but the company won’t follow unsubscribed cars without a warrant.

Kia’s data was safer. Kia finds out from them where U.S. Connect cars are. Kia lacks GPS. Kia isn’t Otonomo-compatible. You can get geolocation information from a court order, a warrant, or from the person who owns the car. The fingerprints used to unlock and start the Genesis don’t change.

Unsafe: A car with too much information, not enough safety features, and different rules for privacy risk. Travel and care are limited in Texas.

People who do abortions can sue in civil court. CPS can look into parents who send their kids out of state to get puberty blockers or treatment for being transgender. By law, care for trans people that comes from outside of Idaho is illegal. Senators passed a bill with fewer provisions.

Car data could make it hard to do things

A car taking pictures of open doors at a Planned Parenthood clinic in another state could lead to an investigation, civil claims, or criminal charges. Going after PP patients. Anti-abortion Poland keeps track of births. Baby checkups.

Unauthorized access to data is a problem. Agents search digital devices at random. Under the Fourth Amendment, police can get data from telemetry. A police officer may look at a driver’s trip.

The government has to use telematics to look for activists and doctors. How would the police keep track of people and cars?

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