Monday, November 28, 2022

Indian singer Arijit Singh paid respect to Pakistani flag during his concert

A video of Indian singer Arijit Singh paid respect to Pakistani flag during his concert is currently going viral on various social media platforms. He recently performed a concert in Toronto, which has attended by a significant number of his followers.

Videos of Arijit Singh’s concert are presently becoming popular on social media. It is possible to observe that several Pakistani followers of Arijit Singh are also present at the event. During the performance, one of these supporters have seen waving a Pakistani flag.

The fan has told to cease flying the Pakistani flag because he has stopped by a security guard. Whereas, Arijit Singh signalled for the security guards to stop and then permitted the Pakistani fan to continue flying the flag.

Arijit Singh genuflect in front of the flag with his hands folded in front of his chest. He also blows kisses at the flag from a distance and he shows his affection for Pakistan. The audience in the music hall applauds enthusiastically after seeing this scene.

On these videos on social media, his followers from all over the world are expressing their love for the singer in a tremendous way. The number of the singer’s admirers has continued to grow as a direct result of her action.

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