Friday, December 2, 2022

I wish to go on Hajj with husband before honeymoon, says Saba Qamar

The actress Saba Qamar has stated that she wish to go on Hajj with her new spouse after marriage. She recently appeared in an interview, where she answered many questions by the host.

In a recent interview, Saba Qamar reportedly responded to a question on the marriage of the host. She said, “I will surely get married then I will complete Hajj and be happy.”

Saba Qamar expressed her wish to perform the Hajj with her future spouse before the honeymoon that would follow their wedding. She smiled and responded to her question that It is not an easy task. Perhaps I should not act and instead do something different.

Furthermore, she stated that if my spouse required me to stop performing, I would do it without hesitation. After that, I will participate in all of the plays at home alongside him.

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