Thursday, December 8, 2022

We have blood of Aamir Liaquat on our hands, says Ushna Shah

Pakistan actress Ushna Shah took to social media to express her sorrow and fury on unexpected death of Aamir Liaquat Hussain. The actress posted a tweet, “he provided us with entertainment, which we witnessed and we laughed at. I hope he will comfortable there.”

In her subsequent letter, Ushna Shah prayed, “May Allah pardon us for our laughing.”

The actress used strong language in another tweet. Whereas, she stated, “He has publicly stripped nude by a lady with whom he has lawfully married.”

Ushna Shah further said, “The blood of Aamir Liaquat is on our hands. Anyone who shared his films, laughed at him or viewed such videos, they all have the blood of him on their hands.”

A popular TV presenter, speaker and Member of National Assembly named Aamir Liaquat has discovered unconscious in his bed some days ago. Aamir Liaquat has sent to the hospital, where the staff verified that he had passed away.

Aamir’s mployees reported that he was having cardiac difficulties. They added that they have requested to go to the hospital but he declined to go with them. According to the medical staff, Aamir Liaquat has already deceased when he brought to the hospital.

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