Monday, November 28, 2022

The most awaited iPads from Apple may not be Pro models

There are rumors about Apple iPads with a 14.1-inch screen, Ross Young, a supply chain analyst, said last week that the device would be called iPad Pro models and have the same Mini LED/ProMotion screen as the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Young of MacRumors thinks that the 14.1-inch tablet won’t have Mini LED or a 120Hz screen.

Supposedly, the 10.2-inch iPad that costs $329 may have better connections and specs. Stage Manager dock and app dock on iPadOS 16. With the new multitasking UI and scaling modes, iPad users will want more screen space.

A 14.1-inch iPad without Pro features or cutting-edge screen tech is confusing. Wouldn’t power users want a bigger screen and more features? Apple just announced Stage Manager, a new way to do more than one thing at once on the iPadOS. Apple shouldn’t charge sky-high prices for the first iPad with the technology, even though Samsung charges $1,000 for their 14.6-inch tablet. Fans of iPadOS might want more screen space, but they wouldn’t want to give up the display on the 12.9-inch Pro.

Young says that there will be a 14.1-inch iPad in 2023

Apple might not be able to make the most of the 14.1-inch screen because of problems with its supply chain. Apple may be having trouble keeping up with demand if the 12.9-inch Mini LED iPads Pro models are taking so long to ship. The company’s website says it will take two weeks to get the big Pro, but I can get the 11-inch Air in just a few hours. 14.2-inch MacBook Pros are hard to find.

Could Apple change the iPad that costs the least? Apple’s cheapest iPad might not have Mini LED panels for much longer. Like the iPad Air, the tablet’s screen resolution will be 2360 x 1640. The screen on the current model is 2160 x 1620, but it could be bigger.

9to5 says that the new iPad will have a 5G connection and a USB-C port. It will have an A14 chip instead of an A13 chip. Since it’s getting a new screen and port, it would be strange if it didn’t also get a new body.

Mark Gurman thinks that the iPad Pro will get better this year (they were launched in April 2021). WWDC M2 should happen. Young and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo think that the iPad Pro with a screen size of 11 inches won’t have Mini LED. Apple’s “desktop-class” iPadOS updates work well with a desktop CPU, but they’re not very exciting. Those are iPads that cost less.

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