Friday, December 9, 2022

ECP will not prohibit PTI Funding from foreign countries

In the hearing before the electoral commission, the counsel for the PTI contended that the election commission of Pakistan (ECP) had not forbidden funding from foreign countries.

The case was heard by a bench of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) consisting of three members and presided over by CEC Sikandar Sultan Raja.

According to PTI attorney Anwar Mansoor, “the funding from some specific sources has been restricted, and ambiguity has been removed from the election law.”

Anwar Mansoor asserted that the case against the PTI was founded on political motivations, despite the fact that the inspection committee claimed to have carried out a forensic examination of the finances.

He informed the ECP panel that he would wrap up his arguments the next day.

According to what the lawyer had stated earlier, the PTI has provided the electoral commission with all of its financial records.

He stated that the scrutiny committee was responsible for determining its jurisdiction. He presented the following question: “If it could go beyond the legal parameters in order to set its jurisdiction.” Anwar Mansoor continued by questioning how the inspection committee could act in a manner that went against the established norms of international law when it had already ruled that the funding requested by the PTI could not meet its requirements.

“PTI was required to provide the electoral commission with information regarding its sources of funding. It was unnecessary to identify who was responsible for what part of the money, as he argued.

The legal representative stated that the Election Act had been amended so that it was no longer unclear whether or not it was illegal to solicit financial support from individuals or organizations located in other countries or from certain types of organizations.

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Nisar Durrani, a member of the ECP, questioned the attorney by asking what method is specified in the party’s constitution in relation to finance, and whether or not the party can take funding from outside the country.

The lawyer’s response was, “We have provided all records to the electoral commission and the inspection committee, the PTI takes contributions from foreign countries in accordance with the norms of the FARA.” He stated that the record of the party’s foreign funding had been given to the electoral commission. “The party has filed its record of foreign funding.”

The ECP bench has postponed the continuation of the case’s hearing until tomorrow (Wednesday).

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