Friday, December 9, 2022

Jennifer Aniston says close friends are ‘essential’

Jennifer Aniston said surrounding yourself with excellent people is the most essential thing in life.

In an E! News interview, the Friends alum discussed her fitness program and nutritious diet.

“Before and after a workout, she eats a bar to stay full till lunch.

“If I’m driving all day, I’ll keep my cooler in the car so I don’t eat trash or too much,” Jennifer Aniston said.

The star of the hit comedy program explained that her cooler is always filled with water and vitamins.

She remarked, “The cooler happened because I’ve learnt my lesson,” adding, “Since we live in California, opening a bar package is like a melting Easter gone bad tragedy.”

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Aniston loves protein bars. “It’s fantastic to have something you can grab and throw in your backpack.”

Aniston said she meditates every morning “I sit on the floor in front of a small altar. If I’m away, I make room. I must do it, even if it’s 5 or 10 minutes.”

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“I try to listen to my body because sometimes it says let’s run or do 45 minutes of cardio,” she said. “I love Pilates because it gives me a peaceful experience for my money.”

Surrounding herself with nice people is “essential,” she said.

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