Thursday, December 8, 2022

Lightning strikes in Attock kills cows and 13 goats

A lightning strike in Attock, which was preceded by rain and thunderstorms, resulted in the deaths of a cow and thirteen goats.

According to the information available, the lightning strike occurred in the village of Taveen located in Attock, and as a result, a farmer’s cow and thirteen goats were reduced to ashes. The farmer suffered a significant financial loss as a result of the occurrence.

The people who live in the region have requested that the government of Punjab provide the farmer with some form of financial help.

A guy was struck and killed by lightning three days ago in the area of Sherani in Balochistan. This tragedy occurred in a different incidence.

In the month of April, a young woman was killed and more than two dozen other persons were injured as a result of incidents that were precipitated by the rain in the Jhang district of the province of Punjab.

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Lightning struck the area of Athara Hazari, causing injuries to 32 people and claiming the life of a 14-year-old girl, according to sources from the rescue operation.

When they were struck by lightning, the victims were working in the fields where they were found.

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