Monday, November 28, 2022

Pakistan condemns India’s crackdown on Muslim protesters

In a statement released on Sunday, Pakistan issued a strong condemnation of the heavy-handed treatment of Muslims by the authorities in India. These Muslims were participating in a peaceful protest after Friday prayers in response to hateful comments made by two members of the ruling political party, the BJP, about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Two innocent Muslim protesters were killed and thirteen more were injured critically in Ranchi city, according to a spokesman for the Foreign Office. The indiscriminate and widespread use of brute force by the Indian authorities across various states in India has resulted in these deaths, the spokesman said.

“The footage that was captured of Indian soldiers brazenly opening fire on unarmed protesters in Ranchi city is horrifying beyond belief. According to a statement released by a spokesperson, “a total of 227 persons have been arrested thus far across the state of Uttar Pradesh.”

He referred to it as a new low in the repressive “Hindutva” inspired majoritarian policy being implemented by the Indian government. This strategy is intended to demonize and persecute minority groups, particularly Muslims.

The Foreign Office of Pakistan has condemned the appalling treatment of Indian Muslim nationals by the Indian government and has expressed its support for the Muslims of India during this difficult period.

“It is alarming that despite the global condemnation of the BJP officials’ sacrilegious remarks, the Indian government’s reaction has been muted,”. “On the other hand, the BJP-RSS regime has persisted in its Islamophobic actions and has dishonorably chosen to handle public protest with brutal and indiscriminate use of force.”

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The spokesman urged India to guarantee that anyone responsible for uttering insulting statements and assaulting the dignity of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is subjected to decisive retaliation.

The situation of Islamophobia in India is gravely deteriorating, and the world community has an immediate responsibility to take notice of this development. “India must be held accountable for limiting the rights of the minority groups, particularly Muslims, and it must be ensured that Muslims living in India are not harmed for practicing their faith and religious beliefs.”

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