Friday, December 2, 2022

Meta will no longer make Portal for customers

Meta has decided to stop making customers (consumers) versions of the Portal video calling equipment and instead focus on business uses for the line, like conference calling.

Meta plans to stop making customers versions of the Portal video calling gear. This decision had made in light of that. As part of a pivot, this change will have made at the end of this year.

A source with knowledge of the matter has verified to The Information that Meta is rethinking its ambitious hardware plans because investors are concerned about the company spending billions of dollars on projects that haven’t yet paid off in the financial sense. When asked to comment, a Meta representative turned down the chance to do so.

In 2018, the Portal line came out with two monitors that has make to use as video calling stations. These screens are made with a high resolution and a widescreen aspect ratio. They also have apps that let you do things like watch movies from the Food Network and listen to music from Spotify. But the displays are not very useful.

The fact that they linked to Facebook, which is still dealing with the fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal at the time, didn’t give people a lot of confidence that it was safe to bring a connected camera into their homes at the time.

Since then, different versions of the device, like the portable Portal Go, have come out. However, the device itself was never a huge commercial success. The Information says that the research company IDC thinks that Meta will ship 800,000 Portals in 2021. This would be less than 1% of the market for smart speakers and displays around the world.

At the moment, Meta sells four different Portal products. A camera that connects to a TV costs $99, while a smart display costs $349.

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