Thursday, December 8, 2022

Kidnapped newborn baby retrieved from Kasur, three arrested

The newborn baby was found in Kasur by officers from the police force who had been kidnapped from the General Hospital in Lahore.

The reporters were informed by the police that the woman kidnapper, her husband, and the facilitator had been detained.

Imran Kishore, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Investigation, stated to the reporters that the individuals who had been arrested were Hafeez Aurangzeb, his wife Fouzia, and Abdul Subhan, who acted as a facilitator.

At four in the morning, the person believed to be responsible for the kidnapping showed up at the General Hospital in Lahore with her spouse. They acted out a drama in order to garner public sympathy for their inability to have children, and then they possessed the newborn boy in order to have a look at him before escaping the hospital.

According to the SSP Investigation, the suspects have been taken into custody from Kasur, and the newborn kid has been located.

On June 5, a woman who has not been recognized took a newborn infant from the nursery of Lahore General Hospital and was able to get away with it effortlessly.

The woman had deceived the baby’s mother in order to steal the newborn child, and then she ran away with both of them. 

The woman can be seen on the surveillance tape stealing the newborn child from the mother and running off in the opposite direction.

Dr. Khalid, who serves as the Medical Superintendent (MS) of the General Hospital, has been quoted as saying that the parents’ carelessness led to the kidnapping of their newborn child.

According to Dr. Khalid’s statements, the newborn baby was delivered to the family as soon as possible following the birth. He went on to say that “a woman who couldn’t be identified urged the baby’s mother to prepare milk and that she would take care of the newborn.”

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The Medical Superintendent had stated that the unidentified woman had carried the newborn baby for some time before escaping from the hospital and blaming the parents for handing the baby over to an unidentified woman. The Medical Superintendent had stated that the unidentified woman had carried the newborn baby for some time.

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