Friday, December 9, 2022

Pakistani men can’t remarry due to inflation, Durefishan Saleem

An actress Durefishan Saleem claims that Pakistani men can’t remarry due to high inflation rate. Pakistan’s economy is in such a precarious state and males have no longer allowed to have more than one marriage.

Recently, Durefishan Saleem was a guest on a private television programme. Whereas, the host questioned her about the four marriages that are allowed in Islam.

According to the actress, “I think you should get married and work hard to make it a happy union. There was a period when men might have up to four marriages. However, Pakistani men can’t remarry due to inflation rate.”

She said, “today men and women have reached the end of their tolerance. Men believe that it is extremely difficult to handle a woman, so how can they have four marriages?”

According to the actress, “Especially in the present day and age, the inflation is quite high in the country. The economy is in a horrible position and the price of gasoline has practically reached 200 dollars per gallon. It is impossible for a guy to remarry in such a circumstance.”

The video of actress remark has shared widely across social media platforms. Whereas, viewers are leaving a flood of thought-provoking comments on it.

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