Friday, December 9, 2022

Indian PM Modi should take steps to stop blasphemous statements, says Naseeruddin Shah

An Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah believes that PM Narendra Modi should go ahead and stop blasphemous statements. The Prime Minister needs to take action in order to prevent the poison from spreading.

Shah told Indian television that the Prime Minister himself follows individuals who preach hatred on Twitter. He needs to do something about it. According to Naseeruddin Shah, a plea has also made to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Those who advocate for peace and togetherness have jailed, while those who advocate for genocide have just slapped. Our hypocrisy breeds animosity and venom. When confronted with a different idea, it bursts. He blamed television and social media for infecting people with a poisonous hate.

On the other hand, reports that the BJP’s leaders have advised to avoid discussing religious topics following the outrage of Muslims and Muslim nations. Therefore, PM Modi should come forward and take steps to stop blasphemous statements regarding Islam and the Prophet Muhammad in future permanantly.

According to reports, 30 top party leaders and federal ministers have sent instructions to be cautious when addressing talk programmes and discussing the party’s viewpoint. A top BJP official remarked, “Leaders of political parties should not infringe on the religious beliefs of their constituents. In any case, they must adhere to the party’s directions.”

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