Monday, November 28, 2022

Now Google Maps helps you to find fresh air

Google Maps for iOS and Android now has a fresh Air Quality layer that can help you plan your next hike or bike ride. The weather has nice or your escape from smog and smoke when the weather isn’t so nice. This layer can use on both iOS and Android phones and tablets.

A new layer on the Google maps shows information about the fresh Air Quality Index from the EPA and other government agencies (AQI). This shows that the air has generally healthy. Even better, it reports on street conditions using data from PurpleAir’s network of sensors. If you click on the AQI measurements and link to other information that is all over Google Maps. You can find out more about how air pollution affects your health.

Cheap laser particle counters had used PurpleAir’s sensors to measure how many particles are in the air. One of the people who started PurpleAir, Adrian Dybwad, says that it comes down to “shining laser in the air”. “The particles in the air reflect the light, which is picked up by the detector”. People used PurpleAir’s sensors to track the smoke in 2020 when wildfires were burning all along the West Coast. Since last year, there has been a layer on Google Maps that shows where wildfires are likely to happen.

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