Friday, December 2, 2022

Bollywood actresses criticized Indian perfume company for creating ad similar to gang rape

Bollywood actresses have severe criticiszed at an Indian perfume company for producing an ad that resembles gang rape. Any company that wants to maximise sales of its products must engage in marketing. However, there are certain firms that are able to design advertisements that are able to quickly attract people’s attention.

The Indian perfume firm did the same thing and developed an ad in the manner of the continuing gang rape in India. However, the company has criticised by all sectors including Bollywood musicians for making the controversial advertisement.

The Indian perfume firm issued a statement in which it responded to the criticism by saying that it has voluntarily directed its media partners to cease running the advertisement beginning on June 4.

The actress Priyanka Chopra has criticised the perfume advertising, calling it ‘shameful’ and ‘offensive. She has established a reputation for herself in both Bollywood and Hollywood. Moreover, Richa Chadha stated that this advertising has not formed by chance. The production of an advertisement requires the participation of a large number of individuals.

Several other stars including as Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar and Sawira Bhaskar have also voiced their disapproval of the corporation in relation to the contentious perfume campaign.

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