Thursday, December 8, 2022

I shall not continue acting after my marriage, says Saba Qamar

Recently, the well known Pakistani actress Saba Qamar was a guest on the show “Gloss ETC” host by Maleeha Rehman. During her appearance, Saba Qamar discussed her acting profession as well as her future marriage.

The host questioned her about making plans for the future. Whereas, Saba Qamar responded that one should always have high expectations. Nevertheless, I count myself fortunate to have even just one person in my life. Thank God, they are Muslims and they reside in another country.

Moreover, Saba Qamar claimed that I had a fear of having such interactions in the past, but that fear has since subsided due of them. The wedding date has not been set but we will get married very soon. It has always a goal of mine to go on Hajj with the person who will one day be my husband.

The actress has stated that she would not continue her acting profession when she gets married because she believes it will be impossible for her to successfully juggle her acting career and her new life as a wife at the same time.

Furthermore, Saba Qamar added, “I’m such an honest and devoted person that i’ll no continue my acting profession after marriage. I’ll must say goodbye to my career for my my spouse.”

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