Thursday, December 8, 2022

Shakira and Gerard Pique will remain friends for their children after break up

According to reports, Shakira and Gerard Pique will stay friends for the sake of their children even after their break up. The two have recently seen attending a sports event together to cheer on their son Milan.

Their kid was competing in an international baseball tournament in the Czech Republic over the weekend. Therefore, the exes travelled there in order to show their support for their kid. According to a published article, the connection between them is tense. However, they are still attempting to maintain their friendship for the sake of their children.

In an image that has uploaded to Twitter, Shakira can seen beaming. Whereas, Pique has caught on camera strolling around with his head bowed during the U10s competition. However, Shakira and Pique have not seen in the same photo together after break up.

The release of an official statement from the singer, in which she confirmed that she and the athlete had ended their relationship. “In our announcement, it was said that we regret to confirm that we are parting. We ask that you respect our children’s privacy so that they can continue to enjoy a healthy and happy childhood, which is our top priority.”

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