Friday, December 9, 2022

Dua Zahra age is 16 or 17, according to a test

On Tuesday, an ossification test was performed on Dua Zahra, and the results indicated that the girl age is 16 or 17 years old. This information was also validated by radiologist Dr. Saba Jamil.

Dua, a girl of 14 years old who had mysteriously gone missing from Karachi in April but later declared that she had run away from her home to marry Zaheer Ahmed, a man of 21 years old, was brought before the Sindh High Court (SHC) on Monday. Zaheer Ahmed is accused of kidnapping Dua and forcing her to marry him.

However, Dua’s father, Mehdi Kazmi, has some concerns about the medical report that was completed on his daughter and has referred to it as “a fraudulent report.”

In light of this, Kazmi penned a letter to the health secretary in which he demanded that his daughter undergo a second medical examination in the presence of both of her parents. In addition to this, he insisted that a medical board be established to ascertain Dua’s age.

He advocated taking legal action against the individuals who had participated in the fabrication of the medical tests and reports.

“We are in possession of all of the necessary documentation to verify Dua Zahra age, and her birth date is April 27, 2008. We were not permitted to meet with our daughter, and the authorities who are conducting the investigation are likewise hesitant to proceed with a DNA test “he continued.

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The Supreme Court had issued an injunction directing the relevant authorities to investigate Dua in order to ascertain her true age and to appear before the court once more on June 8.

After being absent for almost one and a half months from her residence in Karachi, Dua was located by the police in the Chishtian neighbourhood of Bahawalnagar on Sunday.

Anti-Violent Crime Cell SSP Zubair Nazir Sheikh stated, in agreement with the previous story, that both Dua and her husband had been placed under protective custody. The CIA police were able to find the couple hiding out in the home of an attorney.

However, after some time had passed, Dua disclosed on the internet that she and Zaheer had been married. Previously, Dua’s family had filed a police report alleging that she had been kidnapped on April 16.

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