Thursday, December 8, 2022

Free Petrol for President, PM, other officials challenged in LHC

The provision of a free petrol quota to the President, the Prime Minister, ministers, and other officials of the government has been challenged in the Lahore High Court (LHC).

Shehbaz Akmal Jindran’s petition challenging the provision of free petrol, electricity, and gas quotas to the President, the Prime Minister, and other ministers and officials of the government was heard by a high court bench consisting of just Justice Shahid Karim.

According to the appeal, “in view of the economic position of the country, offering this facility is a violation of Article 25.”

The petitioner asked the court to issue an order that would put an end to the provision of free gasoline, electricity, and gas quotas to the President, the Prime Minister, the Governor, the Ministers, and any other individuals who benefited from the provision.

The magistrates on the bench gave the petitioner instructions to file any relevant documents with the court.

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It is important to note that after a significant increase in the cost of petroleum products across the country, there has been a growing demand from the general public for the elimination of the free fuel facility that is currently provided to high officials, government employees, and other individuals who benefit from the facility.

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