Thursday, December 8, 2022

Sajal Aly and Shehzad Roy released their new song ‘Tum Ho To’

Pakistani famous celebrities Sajal Aly and Shehzad Roy have both released snippets of their new song ‘Tum Ho To’. They posted a short video of their song on official Instagram accounts.

There are rumours circulating regarding actress Sajal Aly and Shehzad Roy over the past several days. Therse are suggesting that the two of them have engaged in the production of a new work. On the other hand, it was not entirely apparent if it was a song or a drama.

But now Sajal Aly and Shehzad Roy have let their fans in on the secret, and they have posted a preview for their new song ‘Tum Ho To’ on their official Instagram account. Additionally, the complete version of the song has also uploaded to YouTube.

Shehzad Roy and Sajal Aly play a married couple in the music video for this song. System Limited and the Ali Institute of Education worked together to create this song. These are an organisations whose mission is to strive toward the education and empowerment of women and a better future.

Shehzad Roy’s gorgeous voice can hear humming a tune that is getting a lot of likes on social media. Their followers and users can seen giving their opinion on the subject matter of the song in the comments area.

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