Friday, December 2, 2022

Special song for joint project of ISPR and Geo ‘Team Muhafiz’ released

The unique song for the ISPR and Geo Media Network’s project ‘Team Muhafiz’ has made available for the lovers of animatied series. ‘Team Muhafiz’ is about a group of heroes who endeavour to foil the plots that their country’s foes are hatching against them.

The music video for the song ‘Dil Fatah Karain’ is exactly four minutes and twelve seconds long. No doubt, it has successfully conquered the hearts of each and every spectator.

Soch the Band, Karakoram and Young Stunners are responsible for the singing of the song for the ISPR and Geo’s project ‘Team Muhafiz’. Moreover, Asim Raza and Adnan Dhol are responsible for the writing of the lyrics of the song.

Over 250,000 people have seen the music video for the song that has posted on YouTube so far. Whereas, many spectators are expressing their admiration for this unique project.

An individual lauded the performance of singer Talha Anjum. He quoted that the animation as well as the lyrics, the music, and the tale are all really good. It is always a treat to catch up with the unsung heroes of the community.

Another user remark, “I am ecstatic to learn that Pakistan is the location of the production of an animation with such a high-quality tale. I want to offer my congratulations to the other people responsible for creating this initiative, especially ISPR.

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