Thursday, December 8, 2022

Actress Mehwish Hayat was more beautiful before her surgery, says Leyla Zuberi

Leyla Zuberi has stated that actress Mehwish Hayat possessed a more natural and stunning appearance before to undergoing plastic surgery. No doubt, Leyla is a well-known actress in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

Leyla Zuberi is a veteran actress who has in a number of Pakistani films and television shows. In addition, she has featured in ‘My Love Story’. The actress recently conducted an interview in order to promote her next film ‘Thodi Setting Thora Pyar’.

In the conversation, she has discussed about her film. Moreover, she also made some fascinating comments about other performers working in the entertainment sector. She also talked about another actress Mahira Khan. In her opinion, Mahira is an excellent actor but she is a whole package, she has a class.

Leyla Zuberi made the observation in regard to the stunning beauty of Mehwish Hayat. She said, “the appearance of Mehwish Hayat face has altered significantly after her surgery. Before it, she possessed a more natural and radiant beauty.”

It should brought to everyone’s attention that the Pakistani movie ‘Thodi Setting Thoda Pyar’ will show in theatres all throughout the nation today. A number of well-known performers, such as Malik Aqeel, Saeedah Imtiaz, Noman Habib, and Leyla Zubair have included in the movie as cast members.

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