Thursday, December 8, 2022

Reason behind the murder of TV actress Amreen Bhat in Occupied Kashmir finally revealed

Occupied Kashmir has rocked by the murder of TV actress and singer Amreen Bhat. She was a Bollywood actress and singer and has reported to have died on May 25.

According to reports, Amreen was worshipping in a mosque in Kashmir’s Budgam area. Whereas, gunshots and screaming could hear and that her brother-in-law was nearby. He observed Amreen writhing in pain and haemorrhaging heavily. There was blood everywhere.

Two unknown individuals pulled out a rifle and shot at her when she asked them a question. A guy pursued her and shot her again as she rushed inside. Her nephew Farhan’s arm has also wounded by a gunshot. However, Amreen had already passed away by the time her relatives arrived at the hospital.

The murder of Amreen Bhat was only the latest in a slew of attacks in Kashmir by suspected terrorists. For many years, the region has torn apart by armed warfare. Even while India and Pakistan have complete authority over the region, they only do so in certain areas of it.

According to authorities, the assassins of Amreen in Kashmir have slain but the motive for her death remains unknown. She was the family’s main source of support, and her father claims he has no idea why she has attacked.

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