Friday, December 9, 2022

SC assessment of Article 63(A) on Punjab CM election illegal: Hamza Shahbaz

Hamza Shahbaz, the current Chief Minister (CM) of Punjab, has asserted that the interpretation of Article 63(A) provided by the Supreme Court does not apply to his election to the position of Chief Minister.

The declaration was included in Hamza’s written response to the petitions that challenged his election as the Chief Minister of the province, which was 16 pages long and presented to the Lahore High Court (LHC).

In his response, Hamza claimed, “The election on Punjab CM’s slot was held in conformity with the high court’s directives and as per the law and the Constitution.” He added that the interpretation of Article 63(A) does not apply to the polls because the judgment of the apex court arrived afterward.

The leader of the PML-N made an appeal to the court to throw out the petitions that contested the election of the CM and impose fines on the petitioners by arguing that he is fulfilling the tasks that the law requires of him as a CM. The court granted the PML- N’s request.

In his response, Hamza reiterated his stance that the probe into the Chief Minister’s election conducted by the previous Governor of Punjab was “illegal.” The secretary of the Punjab Assembly lacked the authority to launch an investigation into the election as well.

Because Hamza Shahbaz and the Punjab government did not file their reply to the petitions by the due date of May 25, the LHC penalized each of them a total of Rs100,000.

Hamza Shahbaz complied with the court’s requirements and turned in his response along with the required fine of Rs100,000.

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The advocate general informed the court at the beginning of today’s session that the government of Punjab has already submitted its response to the allegations made against them in the case.

The legal representative for the Punjab government argued with the judge not to include the monetary penalty in the official record because it is related to the officials’ duties. The request that he made was granted at this point.

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