Friday, December 2, 2022

A phone call is enough to hack your WhatsApp account

As one of the world’s most popular messaging programmes, WhatsApp is no stranger to frauds. There is now a new scam that may hack your WhatsApp account with a single phone call.

According to CEO of CloudSEK, it has reported that a phone call has made by an attacker who convinces victims of this WhatsApp vulnerability to dial the number “*6710 digit number> or 40510 digit number>”. The attacker hack or take control of your WhatsApp account within minutes of making the phone call.

He then explains what goes on in the background. A call forwarding request for either Jio or Airtel mobile service providers, is what the attacker makes you dial. Calls will send to an address owned by the attacker.

To initiate WhatsApp’s account registration procedure for your phone number and to get the One Time Password (OTP) by phone call, an attacker routed your phone call. As a result of this, hackers may easily access your account because the OTP has transferred to their phone.

Because every country and service provider uses the same service request number, the scam has widespread. Please be aware of any unusual WhatsApp calls or messages you receive. The best course of action is to ignore such calls or texts and alert others if you ever receive anything similar.

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