Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Pakistani delegation fly to India to hold water talks

Syed Maher Ali Shah, Indus Water Commissioner, has led a five-member Pakistani delegation to India to discuss water issues between the two nations.

Directors of the irrigation department, the foreign office, and NESPAK were part of the delegation that crossed the Wagah border on their way to New Delhi.

After two days in New Delhi, “we will hold discussions on water concerns for two days,” he said, adding that the last conference was held in Islamabad.

According to the commissioner, India and Pakistan will discuss the exchange of flood data as well as the opposition to three Chenab River water reservoir projects.

In response to Pakistan’s concerns, “India has pledged that it will submit a report on the construction of the reservoirs.”

To attend the session, Syed Maher Ali Shah stated that they would subsequently assess the Indian initiatives.

On March 23-24, 2021, the India-Pakistan Permanent Indus Commission met in New Delhi for its 116th session.

Under the terms of the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT), a meeting is held every year in Pakistan and India, according to the Foreign Office statement.

During the meeting, a slew of IWT-related topics was addressed. the Indian water projects Pakal Dul, Lower Kulnai, Durbuk Shyok, and Nimu Chilling have been objected to once again by the Pakistani side.

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Pakistan requested that India provide data on water flows in accordance with the IWT regulations, as has been customary since 1989. According to Pakistan, the IWT’s terms need an early resolution of all outstanding matters.

Both sides agreed to make every effort to fix the difficulties, perform inspection visits, and hold the next meeting of the commission as soon as possible in Pakistan.

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