Thursday, December 8, 2022

Govt lifted ban on import of some products

According to clarification provided by the Ministry of Commerce on Saturday, the ban on the import of certain products, with the exception of foods for cats and dogs, has been lifted by the federal government.

A prohibition on the import of non-essential luxury commodities had been enacted by the government on May 19, as part of an “emergency economic strategy,” with the intention of “saving the country precious foreign exchange.”

The action was met with widespread approval, although some pet owners voiced their opposition on social media and pleaded with the government to reconsider its decision.

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To address the concerns of the general public and certain anomalies arising from the implementation of the SRO 598(1)2022 — dated May 19, the Ministry of Commerce has today issued a notification in which it announces it will lift restrictions on the import of certain products, including those items for which restrictions were ordered before the month of May.

In addition, it stated that the restriction “must not apply to the import of goods for which an Airway Bill has been granted prior to the issuance of the said SRO.”

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