Tuesday, November 29, 2022

No agreement with establishment: Imran Khan

On Friday, the Chairman of the PTI, Imran Khan, dispelled rumors that his party had reached an agreement with the establishment and stated that he had called off the long march in order to prevent violence.

Imran Khan made a surprising move on Thursday morning by giving the government an ultimatum to announce the election date within the next six days. He also issued a threat to return with three million people after chaos engulfed the country and the army had to be called in for the protection of government buildings in Islamabad.

In a press conference a day after the violent long march came to an abrupt end, he said that he witnessed anger among the masses as a result of the police crackdown on party leaders across major cities. He was flanked by KP Chief Minister Mahmood Khan and PTI leader Atif Khan during the press conference.

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“I had observed the anger among the people against the police after what they did to stop the march, and there was a fear that the country would plunge into chaos and anarchy if we continued to march as announced,” Imran Khan said. 

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