Friday, December 9, 2022

I helped Amber Heard to earn her role in Aquaman, says Johnny Depp

It’s no secret to Johnny Depp that he feels he helped Amber Heard significantly for her role in Aquaman. As part of an ongoing defamation trial involving his ex-wife, the actor returned to the witness stand.

During the final week of testimony, Depp had the chance to address some of the arguments made by Heard’s defence team. It was including her accusation that he did not secure her blockbuster Aquaman role on his own initiative.

In response to Amber Heard’s claims, Johnny Depp said they were not quite accurate but he helped her. When Heard auditioned for the film, “she asked me if I’d talk to [Warner Bros.],” Depp testified. I called Warner Bros and spoke to three senior executives and informed them.

Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez questioned Heard if it was true that Depp had recruited her for Aquaman during her cross-examination. Heard replied, “Can I get your attention? Not at all, Ms. Vasquez. I received the part through an open call. The way it works is like this.”

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the sequel to Aquaman, has already began production. It has planned to arrive in theatres in March 2023. As a result of the negative publicity surrounding the Depp affair, she and her agent claim that their roles have parted significantly this time around.

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