Thursday, December 8, 2022

Prince Harry has criticised for hosting recent event of the polo cup trophy

The fact that Prince Harry hosted the polo cup trophy at a recent event has drawn some negative attention to the royal family. It has suggested that the Duke of Sussex misled individuals.

It was seeming that Prince Harry raise the polo cup for the purpose of filming it for Netflix. However, the fact that his polo team had not won the trophy. It has reported that the conclusion of this year’s competition for the Lisle Cup take place.

According to the story, the Lisle Cup has shown on the stage at the moment. The boxes that they were clutching the prizes that they won in the quarterfinal round. Following the conclusion of the finals, the promoter will give the cup to the victors who have earned it.

The trophy was on display on the stage that both of the winning teams from the quarter finals used. The fact that Harry lifted the award has drawn the ire of many. It was the same gathering where Meghan Markle received backlash for allegedly cleaning Harry’s face with her handkerchief.

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