Thursday, December 8, 2022

The over-budgeted Queen Elizabeth Crossrail system officially opened to passengers

The much-delayed and significantly over-budget Queen Elizabeth Crossrail System in London finally opened its doors to paying customers. The system will enable passengers to travel more quickly from Heathrow Airport and Berkshire to Essex.

It has expected that it will carry 200 million people annually and boost London’s rail capacity by 10 percent. The crossrail system has named after the British longest served monarch Queen Elizabeth.

More over a dozen years ago, construction began on what would become the greatest infrastructure project in Europe. In 2010, the project had a budget of 14.8 billion pounds and its opening has anticipated to take place in December of 2018.

Crossrail will open three and a half years later than planned and will be more than four billion pounds over budget. It has a total cost of $23.6 billion. This is because the project has delayed by problems with safety testing and signalling systems. These problems occurred even before the epidemic began.

At first, there will be 12 trains travelling in each direction every hour through the middle portion of the line. It includes a tunnel that is 21 kilometres (13 miles) long. It connects Paddington in the West to Canary Wharf and Abbey Wood in the East.

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