Friday, December 2, 2022

People criticised Pakistani singer Ali Zafar over his controversial photo

Famous Pakistani singer and actor Ali Zafar recently posted his controversial photo on social media. The celebrity chose to once more set the internet on fire when he took a challenge from his pal.

Ali Zafar is one celebrity that is often in the news and not just for his acting abilities but also for the issues that surround him. We see Ali Zafar in the spotlight for a variety of reasons. It is including the controversial lawsuit he brought against Meesha Shafi. The battles he fought over the PSL Anthem and his words at events are also part of it.

However, Twitter user did not like controversial photo of Ali Zafar. They simply rejected the concept that his friend had proposed. Moreover, they quickly began mocking and criticising the singer. The following is what the Twitter users of Pakistan had in mind about his post.

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