Friday, December 2, 2022

An official was fined for not disclosing the former prime minister’s abroad gifts

Ahmed Nawaz Sukhera, Secretary of the Cabinet Division, has been ordered by the Pakistan Information Commission (PIC) to pay a fine equivalent to 30 days’ salary and to have one month’s salary deducted from the AGPR for failing to give information regarding foreign gifts that were sent to former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The gifts were sent to Khan while he was serving as Prime Minister of Pakistan. This is due to the fact that Ahmed Nawaz Sukhera did not provide any information regarding the issue.

Sukhera was issued a directive by the PIC to hand over the record of foreign presents by May 24, 2022; however, he did not comply with the directive.

The PIC said today that the official’s pay should be docked for 30 days for disobeying its orders.

It also asked the Cabinet Division about Khan’s foreign gifts last year, but the federal government declined to give specifics.

The Cabinet Division had approached the Islamabad High Court, arguing that information about foreign gifts was ‘classified’ and its revelation could hurt the country’s interests.

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