Saturday, July 24, 2021

Woman curses Ishaq Dar outside her residence in London

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Former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar is back in the spotlight and ridicule of the internet. The former lawmaker made headlines when a Pakistani woman confronted him outside her London residence. There appears to be no retaliation for the former MP.

A video that has gone viral shows a woman asking the former minister to go into hiding after robbing the country’s wealth. The woman did not take hostage when she beat Ishak Dar for corruption.

He even accused the leader of the Pakistan Muslim League, Nawaz (PML-N), of defending his party leader, Nawaz Sharif.

The residents then appealed to the businessman to repent because he had done something wrong.

Ishaq Dar tried to get out of the narrow corner, he just said;

“That’s not appropriate”

Until finally his son intervened to help his father. Ali Dar shouted in response to the woman that he was the one to be humiliated.

You [should] be ashamed, you are leveling [false] allegations against people.

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