Monday, November 28, 2022

Police constable’s death proved Imran Khan is a terrorist: Rana Sanaullah

Rana Sanaullah, the Minister of the Interior, placed the responsibility on Imran Khan, the Chairman of the PTI, for the death of a police constable that occurred last night during a police operation that was part of a crackdown against PTI leaders in advance of the party’s Azadi March.

According to Sanaullah, the death of a police constable is “evidence that Imran Khan is a terrorist.”

Police constable Kamal Ahmed was shot in the chest during a raid on the residence of a PTI politician in Lahore’s Model Town. He was sent to a nearby hospital, but he was unable to recover from his injuries and passed away there.

“The culprit shot the bullet from the rooftop of a house,” said DIG Operations Lahore Captain (Ret.) Muhammad Sohail Chaudhry. “We are still investigating, but we will not spare those implicated [in the crime].”

The Minister of the Interior has stated that Imran Khan, Sheikh Rashid, and their followers are responsible for the death of Kamal Ahmed.

The minister of the interior said that the former government will be held accountable for their “crimes” and accused the leaders of the PTI of plotting a “bloody march” and instigating a civil war. He said that the former govt would be reinstated.

“The fire at the police has proven that this is not a political activity, and it is proof that they do not want a peaceful march,” Sanaullah added. “The firing at the police has demonstrated that this is not a political activity.”

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The minister promised in an adamant manner that those responsible for the death of the officer would be brought to justice. “We will prevent civil war, confusion, and disorder in the country through the law,” he declared, adding that the “abusers” had taken the law into their own hands. “We will prevent civil war, turmoil, and disorder in the country through the law.”

In addition to expressing his sympathies to the deceased officer’s family, he made the announcement that the government would provide them with a shahada package and assume full responsibility for all of the deceased cop’s family members, including the children’s scholastic responsibilities.

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