Friday, July 23, 2021

One employer allegedly raped and killed an 18 year old girl

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According to the victim’s father, his daughter worked in a factory and worked as usual, but never returned.

An 18 year old woman was raped and killed in the Karachi area by Landhis Sharafi Goth. The police announced the news about the crime of torture on Friday.

According to the victim’s father, his daughter worked at the factory and left for work as usual on Thursday morning. Towards evening, the victim’s employer called her father to collect the body.

At night, I received a call from her boss who asked me to come to his place saying that she was ill, … When I went there, the lights were off and my daughter was lying on the floor lifeless.

According to Samaa News, a friend and colleague of the victim said she was fine when the victim left work at the employer’s home.

Rashid told me that he was taking her [the victim] out to get medicine,” she told the police.

Police initially declared the victim’s death a suicide, but autopsy reports indicated that she had been raped and tortured.

The medical reports show the victim was gang-raped,” a police officer said.

Rashid’s employer was arrested and interrogated. The gang rape investigation is still ongoing.

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