Friday, December 2, 2022

Kapil Sharma trolled Akshay Kumar due to his film heroines

During one of his shows, the well-known Indian comedian Kapil Sharma trolled Akshay Kumar and made fun of him. Akshay Kumar recently appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show as part of the marketing for the movie Prithviraj. Whereas, the 25 years old actress Manoshi Chhallar was at his side during the appearance.

A preview of the show has released on social media. In it, Kapil Sharma trolled Akshay Kumar and can seen making fun of him. He said that when he was in school, Madhuri Dixit and Ayesha Jhalka came with Akshay Kumar for their heroines.

Moreover, he said that he started obtaining heroine from Katrina Kaif and Bipasha Basu as soon as he got to college. The statement can seen in the context of Kapil trolling Akshay Kumar.

Furthermore, he has stated that we have conceived with the sole purpose of conducting interviews with Akshay Kumar’s fil heroines.

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