Friday, December 9, 2022

Actress Iffat Omar expressed her anger over Imran Khan’s followers

Prominent Pakistani actress Iffat Omar has expressed her anger and displeasure over followers of Imran Khan. The fact that these followers shown support for their leader after making comment against Maryam Nawaz.

In this respect, She has stated that she has not in the least bit shocked by the comment that Imran Khan made. Iffat Omar expressed her anger and is quite furious about it.

Moreover, she mentioned that whenever she considers Imran Khan, she tells herself that Imran Khan is capable of saying much more than that. However, he continues to amaze all of us. What’s more? You have to make such a statement about your opponent who is a woman, a leader.

Iffat Omar stated that it was even more heartbreaking to watch the reaction of the people. If the ladies who support Imran Khan are rationalising this comment, then this circumstance is contributing to the deterioration of our society.

Furthermore, it will happen in a very risky way. And seeing all of this has given them a great deal of anxiety.

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