Thursday, December 8, 2022

Princess Diana was reportedly ready to inform about Prince Charles and Camilla’s love child

Simon Charles Dorante-Day has said to be the love child of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker. He has asserted a lot of strange things about his real identity. The announcement made in the 1990s brought him to the forefront of the media.

Simon claimed that he is Prince William and Prince Harry’s long-lost brother. He went on to state that Charles and Camilla were both teens when he has conceived in 1965. He asserts that his birth has covered up in order to protect the royal family’s reputation. Therefore, Charles was away in Australia and Camilla has concealed for nine months.

He stated a lot during an interview on the television programme Sunrise in Australia. Simon said “I have a lot of proof that i’m love child of Prince Charles. I’m progressively accumulating more. The longer this thing continues, the more it is going to blow up in their faces, not mine.”

During the unbelievable interview, he also admitted that Prince Charles’s first wife, Princess Diana was aware of him. This was a shocking admission. He has quoted as saying, “We believe that Diana knew of my presence and that she had put the pieces together.”

Simon continued, “I believe Diana was at a place in her life where she was finding out answers about what had happened to her. How she had treated unfairly and she was going to go public with it.” However, Diana died in a horrific vehicle accident in 1997.

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May 31, 2022 2:26 am

Really? Sorry none of the above is true. Please before you give this man some more airtime, please read The Fake Prince Down Under page on Facebook. It has a picture of his real Mum and boy he sure does look like her, considering he looks nothing like Prince Charles or Duchess Camilla. It contains a birth weigh record showing he was adopted and when … there are all kinds of Facts on this page. What does Simon show as PROOF? Facial comparisons and nothing more. He has NO other proof. He bluffs, he says he can’t share but yet he’s willing to talk nonsense. Dianna was not killed because she knew about him, as he has claimed was the case. All I ask of anyone is to read The Fake Prince Down Under. It will answer all the questions the he refuses to acknowledge.

wendy mchugh
wendy mchugh
June 1, 2022 5:07 pm

What a disgraceful comment to make about Princess Diana knowing that she’s unable to refute his ridiculous claims. His own birth family and adopted family have already told the truth. This is the man who refuses to take a DNA test with his own birth family because he knows he’s talking poppycock. The only evidence that he is progressively accumulating is more filters to alter his and his poor children’s pictures to make them appear to look like the Royal Family. If photographs are the only “evidence” needed to claim birth rights, then I am indeed the daughter of Dame Edna Everage!

May 31, 2022 3:02 am

It’s sad that 100’s of people a year with mental illnesses that claim to come from royalty. Unfortunately this person has been given far to much attention and his claims are becoming more deluded and wild. These news outlets that allow these stories without proof are not helping at all. They should be ashamed of exploiting this man.

Sarah Wren
Sarah Wren
May 31, 2022 2:55 am

What a load of poppycock, SDD is making it all up, he’s totally deluded 🙄 please stop giving this insane blithering idiot more air time. I knew him, he is cousin to my Ex husband.

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