Monday, November 28, 2022

40th birthday of Prince William commemorates by a elegant new £5 coin

In honour of upcoming 40th birthday of Prince William, the Royal Mint will release a commemorative £5 coin. The UK’s official coin producer has announced that a special coin will issued in honour of the Duke of Cambridge’s upcoming birthday.

Prince William will feature on a Royal Mint £5 coin for the first time in her formal capacity as second in line to the throne. The coin’s designer and engraver included his likeness into the design. It also includes his royal cypher, the letter W, and the number 40.

The opposite side of the coin will have a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. In addition, “HRH The Duke of Cambridge” will inscribe on the rim. As part of a special two-coin set, a 0.25oz gold coin commemorating the year the Duke of Edinburgh will also produce.

Laser technology will use to create a high relief finish. It will give William’s picture an enhanced 3D look on a 5oz fine gold coin commemorating the event. The beautiful design shows a portrait of HRH with the Royal Cypher and the number 40.

Limited edition gold coins consisting of 5oz pure gold and hammered in high relief are also available to commemorate. As a result of their superb craftsmanship and uniqueness, limited edition precious metal coins are popular with both investors and collectors.

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